Series of EN Grade IV magnetic switches February  2017
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We are pleased to announce, for the very first time, the availability of the highest possible EN Grade IV magnetic switches

  • DC418 “EN Grade IV surface mount magnetic contact”
  • DC428 “EN Grade IV roller shutter magnetic contact”

The magnetic switches DC418 & DC428 which are certified according the requirements of EN 50131-2-6 grade 4 and VdS Class C, allow for contact-free opening monitoring of doors and windows in accordance with the highest security requirement specifications.

Compared to other high-security magnetic detectors, these products also have enhanced external field monitoring, which can be used to detect an abnormally large difference between the code that was applied and the code that was taught in.

The ability to teach-in this detector to one of eight different magnet variants at the installation location provides for a higher level of security and allows the system to remain relatively flexible with respect to tolerances. The code is assigned at the installation location and is not already defined for the detector at the factory. If a magnetic component is lost or damaged, you can simply replace it with a new one and then teach-in the detector to the new component.

According to the EN the connection wires are suitable for the connection of an alarm wire loop. The maximum number of detectors that can be connected in series for the evaluation is based on the maximum permitted values of the relevant alarm system.

The electronic switches, are potential-free relating to direct current from the rest of the circuit, and are closed when not in use.


  • Certified to the highest possible security standard for magnetic switches
  • High dust and humidity resistance (IP67)
  • Enhanced external field monitoring
  • Ability to teach-in to one of eight different magnet variants
  • LED providing feedback for installer during entire teach-in process
  • Protection against removal of the sensor from the installation surface

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DC418 EN Grade IV surface mount magnetic contact In stock
DC428 EN Grade IV roller shutter magnetic contact In stock

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