New product development intrusion – Advisor Advanced release FW120


We are pleased to announce the availability of a new firmware release for the Advisor Advanced. With this release – FW120 – we encourage further migration of CS customers towards the Advisor Advanced platform.


Please find underneath a brief overview of the new functionalities. Further details are explained and presented in the installer manual and technical presentation (intrusion commercial portal, see link below)

  • PIN of the day: providing a different installer code every day, preventing take-overs from other installers.
  • Inverted walk test: Allowing to know if a zone was not triggered during certain time. EE counter display: Functionality for users who want to know how much time is left to enter a code to disarm the system (entry) or leave the area (leaving).
  • Zone_held_open: Functionality to indicate that a zone opened too long.
  • Remote user code: Allowing to differentiate whether the connection was initiated locally or remotely.
  • Disable all fault indications: Option to disable all fault indications on user interface.
  • An extension of the walk test functionality: test with arming system; test per zone; test with reporting.
  • Support for new EOL: support for EN3 sensors (e.g DD1000); enabling differentiation between Mask and sensor Fault.
  • User code entry without confirm allowing easier disarm of the system.
  • Demo mode: A special mode added to train end users operating the system.
  • ATS Advanced CC for MUDL: Allow for upload of configuration to ATS8500/ATS8600 while in set or alarm state.
  • Integration of Advisor advanced with the Wireless PIRCam System to provide alarm verification functionality.
  • Picture reporting for Diallers; providing pictures to the central monitoring Station.
  • Battery test time parameter in DGP database:, battery test time is adjusted for every DGP.
  • CC for MUDL – checking user privileges.
  • Support for ATS12xxE – battery test time parameter in downloader: synchronisation (read/write) between panel and downloader.
  • Support for ats12xxE – VdS events: extension of reporting functionality for VdS receivers

With the support of Sustaining engineering, a broad list of improvements were implemented:

  • Specified function key actions can be programmed to work, without user code.
  • Enabled configurable behaviour of external siren for entry alarms.
  • Enabled ‘forced set’ of areas from a keyswitch zone type.
  • Behaviour of ATS1190/ATS1192 changed to indicate alarms with blinking RED led.
  • Added possibility of switching area from partset to fullset using fobs/ keyswitch/autoarm/function keys actions.
  • Reduced possibility of false alarms caused by end users during system setting in the particular scenarios.
  • Support of all 32 zones connected to ATS1201.
  • ‘Service interval’ functionality added.
  • Improved “Shock Sensor test” menu.
  • Improved installer “Learn in” procedure to simplify learn in process.
  • Improved “Output test” menu Extended help message for “Engineer reset “ required.
  • Enabled recording of partset alarms in the log when reporting disabled.
  • CID reporting code changed for Fire Alarm – new CID code E110 (previously E373).
  • CID reporting codes changed for set/partset. See “Appendix B” of  ‘Advisor Advanced Programming Manual’ for more details.


The new version FW 21.21.120 will be available for shipping from Weert as from January 2nd, 2014.


The new FW release will not impact pricing for Advisor Advanced.

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