New product development intrusion – Series of mini outdoor motion sensors

We are pleased to announce that our range of outdoor motion sensors has been extended with a new series of mini detectors especially focusing on residential applications:

  • 6910P : wired PIR
  • 6920P and 6921P : wired dual technology
  • TX-2821-03-4 : wireless PIR

The wired PIR 6910P uses two independent passive infrared detectors integrated into one housing.

The wired dual technology 6920P and 6921P has, in addition, a microwave sensor module which provides a higher level of detection as all three sensors (2 PIR’s + microwave) must be activated in order to trigger an alarm.

The wireless variant TX-2821-03-4 will avoid any hassle with wires as it has the wireless 868AM Gen2 module on-board, containing UTC Fire & Security’s wireless protocol, allowing a smooth integration with our range of wireless panels.

They all deliver extremely precise, reliable presence detection outdoors and can be smoothly integrated – due to their smaller appearance – into residential applications.


  • 15m of detection range
  • Variable mounting height up to 6m
  • 14 to 70° detection angle
  • 90° pan and 45° tilt for flexible install
  • -30° (-25° for wireless PIR) to +65 °C operating temperature
  • IP65 approved for dust and humidity resistance
  • Neat and attractive design
  • Easy to use masking sliders to tailor the field of view
  • Discreet sensor module

Ordering information

SKU Description EDC availability
6910P Mini outdoor PIR From 19 December
6920P Mini outdoor dual
(10.525 GHz)
From 19 December
6921P Mini outdoor dual
(10.587 GHz)
From 19 December
TX-2821-03-4 Wireless mini outdoor PIR 868AM Gen2 From 19 December

We wish you a lot of success with the launch of this brand new series of mini outdoor motion sensors.

6910P data sheet
6920P data sheet 6921P data sheet

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